Professional Learning Team

The Fairfield County Educational Service Center is committed to providing high quality professional learning opportunities to member school districts and educators throughout the region and state. 

Meet our Professional Learning Team:


Dr. Staci Peters

Coordinator of Professional Learning and Leadership

Staci serves as the Coordinator of Professional Learning and Leadership. As a former principal and math instructional coach, Staci has experience leading teams through the Ohio Improvement Process with a focus on data analysis, high quality instructional practices and leadership. Her passion is working with school and district leaders as well as teachers to develop systems and practices that support students.

Areas of expertise: Building Leadership, OTES & OPES 2.0, Data Analysis, Teacher Development, Instructional Design, Visible Learning, Teacher Clarity, Ohio Improvement Process, Mentoring & Coaching Administrator and Teachers, Math Instruction, Regional Data Lead for Attendance, Student Readiness, State Assessment and Exceptional Children


Jennifer Sayre

Director of Applied Technology

Jennifer Sayre is the Director of Applied Technology.  She has 20+ years of teaching and leadership experience with designing and supporting teachers and school leaders through the development and delivery of hundreds of online courses, K-12.  She has presented at numerous conferences throughout the state of Ohio and the nation about best practices related to online and blended learning course design and delivery.

Areas of Expertise: Instructional Framework Design, Online Course Development and Delivery, Blended/Hybrid Learning, Quality Matters and ISTE, ADA and W3C Accessibility, Embedding DEI and SEL, Competency-Based Education, Standards Alignment, Open Education Resources (OERs), Generative AI, and Content & Learning Management Systems (CMSs & LMSs)

sheri mcclurg

Sheri McClurg

Executive Director of Student Services

Sheri has served as the Executive Director of Student Services since 2023 and Director of Student Services since 2018.  As a former building administrator and Intervention Specialist, Sheri’s experiences span 20+ years in both large, suburban districts and small, rural districts in Central Ohio.

Areas of Expertise: PBIS Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, Effective Classroom Management, Crisis Prevention Institute (specialization: autism, trauma, mental health), Paraprofessional Preparation, PAX Tools, Behavior Management, DBT Skills in Schools, Restorative Practices, Trauma Informed Classrooms, OPES 2.0, OTES 2.0 and OSCES.

will kirby

Will Kirby

Assistant Superintendent

Will serves as the Assistant Superintendent of the Fairfield County Educational Service Center. As a former local district superintendent, principal, curriculum director and secondary mathematics teacher, Will has experience in mentoring school leadership through the implementation of new programming, goal setting and creating/ implementing action plans to facilitate improve student learning. Will serves as the Fairfield County threat assessment teams certified facilitator and coordinator of safety at the ESC.

Areas of Expertise: Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) Certified Facilitator, Project-based Learning (PBLMatters), Title IX, OTES, OPES, Instructional Design, Ohio Improvement Process, Strategic Planning, Superintendent Searches, and Leadership Coaching

heidi deyo

Heidi Deyo

Professional Learning Specialist & Gifted Coordinator

Heidi serves as a Professional Learning Specialist and Gifted Coordinator.  As a former technology and math instructional coach, she has experience leading professional development focused on instructional practices. She also has led teachers and building teams through data analysis dives to help improve instruction.

Areas of expertise: Regional Data Lead, Instructional Technology, Differentiation and Instructional Practices, Resident Educator Mentorship, OTES 2.0,  OPES 2.0, OSCES, Google for Education, PBL

caitlin hughes

Caitlin Hughes

Professional Learning Specialist & Gifted Coordinator

Caitlin serves as a Gifted Coordinator and Professional Learning Specialist. She is a former middle school and high school math teacher and has experience leading professional development focused on instructional practices and teacher development.

Areas of expertise : Gifted Education Law and Policy, Instructional Technology, Differentiation and Instructional Practices, Resident Educator Mentorship, OTES 2.0, Google for Education, Regional LPDC, PBL

cristin o'riordan

Cristin O'Riordan

Mental Health & CBE Coordinator

Cristin serves as the Coordinator of Mental Health & CBE. In this role she is able to lead with passion for mental health and personalized education. She has over a decade of experience in  curriculum development for both mental health courses as well as online courses. Currently, she helps lead the InnevAto EDU development teams and Quality Assurance team. Her goal is to help every child and staff member be their best selves through personalized learning.

Areas of Expertise: Mental Health Strategies, Online Course Development, QM, Personalized Learning, Competency-based Education, Certified Trainer of Happiness Studies, and Certified in Mental Health First Aid.

jill simpson

Jill Simpson

PBLMatters Facilitator

Jill is a PBL consultant for the ESC. As a middle school ELA teacher, Jill led a PBL classroom for many years. Since retirement, she has spread her love and expertise of PBL to educators all over the world. Her favorite things about PBL in the increase in engagement, the community created within the classroom, the rigor and relevance that PBL brings to education, as well as the social and emotional growth in students.

Areas of Expertise : Project Based Learning (PBL) implementation and coaching, teacher development, teacher team development

Jenny Hensley

Dr. Jenny Hensley

Educational Consultant

Dr. Jenny Hensley has a wealth of experience as an educational administrator and instructional leader, Jenny is dedicated to fostering collaboration and effective meeting practices. Her expertise spans facilitation, meeting design, and leadership coaching, with a focus on guiding organizations through transformative change.

Areas of expertise: Facilitation, Instructional Design, Collaborative Leadership, Meeting Effectiveness, Organizational Change, Educational Administration, Leadership Coaching, Professional Development, Educational Leadership, Strategic Planning.

Tom Fry

Dr. Tom Fry

Educational Consultant

Dr. Tom Fry has a background as a former school administrator and educator, Tom brings extensive experience in leveraging data to drive educational improvements. His expertise lies in data analysis, professional development leadership, and grant evaluation/management. Tom is passionate about empowering educators to utilize data effectively to enhance classroom instruction and student outcomes.

Areas of expertise: Data Analysis, Value-added data, Professional Development Leadership, Curriculum Design, Educational Leadership, Classroom Instruction, Student Outcomes, Educational Data Utilization, Assessment Analysis, Educational Technology Integration, Grant Evaluation/Management, District/Building Plan Development including action steps, adult/student indicator and connection to One Plan.

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