Professional Learning Pathways

Want to learn more about how to develop a strategic approach to implementing PBL in your school? Review these Pathways and email to learn more about how we can create a customized PBL Pathway solution for your school or district.

PBL Splash

An introductory overview to Project Based Learning, half-day or full-day in length.

Offered year-round upon request

PBL Plunge

Experience an immersive simulated PBL experience as a student. This workshop creates unique insights into the student learning experience for teachers to consider as they design and implement PBL in their classroom. 

Offered year-round upon request

PBL Design

Design a high-quality project (integrated with SEL competencies) in this multi-day foundational workshop influenced by the Buck Institute for Education/PBLWorks Gold Standard Design Elements.
The workshop models the project process and is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration. Participants have substantial time to plan their own project and receive formative feedback from peers and the facilitator.  Participants will be given and utilize one of these PBLWorks books: PBL Handbook for Elementary School or the PBL Handbook for Middle and High School.

Contact Staci Peters at Email Staci Peters to bring PBL Design to your school or attend an upcoming open PBL Design workshop.

Offered year-round upon request

PBL Deep Dives

Specialized PBL workshop topics, including:

  • PBL in the Math Classroom

  • Assessment and PBL

  • Science and PBL

  • Developing School Culture that Supports PBL

  • Critique in the Classroom

  • Assessment and Student Exhibitions

  • SEL and PBL Connections

Offered year-round upon request

Online Book Studies

Engage in a 15-hour self-paced course that focuses on PBL-related practices from experts in the field. 

  • PBL Teaching Practices | Larmer, Mergendoller & Boss  *

  • PBL in the Math Classroom | Fancher & Norfar  *

  • Just Ask Us: Student Engagement | Wolpert-Gawron  *

  • ​Fostering Resilient Learners | Souers

     * Meets 15 clock hour gifted HQPD requirement

Offered year-round upon request

PBL in Action School Visits

What does PBL look like in action? Whether you are considering attending a PBL workshop or you have just finished your training, join us at a local PBL school to see PBL in action.  Spend your day visiting classrooms where PBL is happening, seeing examples of successful PBL projects across content areas, and engage with teachers, students and administrators. Feedback suggests that this time together will inspire you to use Project Based Learning in your classroom or school. Registration is $99 with meal included.

Offered year-round upon request

PBL Coaching & Strategic Planning

Customized one-on-one support for teachers, coaches or school leaders implementing PBL. Virtual or face-to-face options available.

Offered year-round upon request